Name: Stephen Mott
Position: Managing Director
Email: stephenm@braywin.com.au
Hobbies and interests: Playing and coaching cricket, Horse racing,
AFL Football (support Carlton), Going to the Gym, Relaxing
Favourite bands / singers: The Corrs, Dixie Chicks, Dido, Shakira, Kylie, J LO
  Favourite movies: Rain Man, The Fugitive, Silence of the Lambs,
Wedding Planner
Favourite food: Schnitzel Sandwiches. Donavan’s, Silks Restaurant or The Flower Drum
  Time with Braywin? 33 Years

Name: Kane Hill
Position: General Manager
Email: kaneh@braywin.com.au
Hobbies and interests: Basketball, Rugby League, Jet-skiing & Many Other Sports
Favourite bands / singers: EMPRA, AC/DC, Imagine Dragons, Dropkick Murphys, Foo Fighters
  Favourite movies: Coach Carter, Remember The Titans, Zoolander, Hot Rod
Favourite food: Pizza, Pasta
  Time with Braywin? Commenced December 2007

Name: Vince Mure
Position: Director
Email: vincem@braywin.com.au
Hobbies and interests: Motorbikes, Golf / Cycling, Motor sports,
Football (Go Bombers!), Spring Carnival
Favourite bands / singers: The Doors, Pink Floyd, Phil Collins, Neil Diamond
The Beatles, Elvis Presley
  Favourite movies: My Cousin Vinnie, An Officer & A Gentleman, Forest Gump, Matrix
Favourite food: Lasagne, Chicken Curry
  Time with Braywin? 28 years

Name: Sam Raffa
Position: Customs Manager
Email: samr@braywin.com.au
Hobbies and interests: Collecting Coins, Football, Golf
Favourite bands / singers: Abba, Phil Collins, Any easy music
  Favourite movies: Beast master, Breakfast club, Ghost
Favourite food: Pasta, Indian
Time with Braywin? Commenced January 2003

Name: Georgia Goodson
Position: Cartage Coordinator
Email: georgiag@braywin.com.au
Hobbies and interests: Movies, Roadtrips
Favourite bands / singers: Justin Bieber, Billie Eilish, Post Malone
  Favourite movies: The Vampire Diaries, Avengers Movies,
Finding Dory
Favourite food: Pasta, Chicken Satay, Chips & Gravy
Time with Braywin? Commenced October 2018

Name: June Smith
Position: Accounts Receivable
Email: junes@braywin.com.au
Hobbies and interests: Airbrushing, Custom Cars, Knitting & Sewing
Favourite bands / singers: Coldplay, Birds of Tokyo, Incubus, Killers, Pink, Eurythmics, Bee Gees, John Farnham
  Favourite movies: Titanic, Top Gun, Fast & Furious
Favourite food: Pasta, Pizza & Mud Cake
Time with Braywin? Commenced September 2015

Name: Megan Wilson
Position: Imports
Email: meganw@braywin.com.au
Hobbies and interests: Photography, cooking, dancing
Favourite bands / singers: I have way too many to choose from, anyone usually within the R&B genre.
  Favourite movies: Step Brothers, 21 & 22 Jump Street, Up, Inside Out, Remember Me
Favourite food: Pizza, Cucumber and Watermelon
Time with Braywin? Commenced October 2016


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