Braywin now has a Door to Door Service for Small Packages for Import and Export. This works out very cost effective. All Countries in the World covered. Please contact our Office for rates.

Customs held Seminars recently, reinforcing Laws for Cargo Reporting and preparing Customs Entries.

Many Freight Forwarders/Customs Brokers have been illegally Clearing goods.

Preparing only One(1) Customs Entry, when there should be multiple due to Additional Suppliers.

Also, Cargo Reporting only One(1) Air or Sea Shipment when it is multiple Suppliers.

This is unacceptable as Customs require all this done Correctly.

Customs will not tolerate it anymore, and heavy Penalties will apply.

Don’t worry, Braywin has always been handling your Shipments correctly, unlike many of the big Freight Forwarders.

They now have to explain to their Clients, what they have done.

Contact Stephen Mott for any clarification.




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